Stone Town – Zanzibar

Zanzibar Island is a scenic place situated in the Indian Ocean. It’s the legendary Islands with the fragrance, spices, fruits, and flowers with the jewel of the clear coral water on the Indian Ocean. The Islands can be accessed by Flights or the Marine fast ferries from Dar-es-salaam or cruises, ships, and other marine transport from all over the World.

Situated in Zanzibar, the shore of the Indian Ocean you will find an old town, “the Stone Town”, the place carries with it the slave trade history of the whole of Eastern Africa, as it constitutes of different histories such as that of the Great European Explorers Burton, Speke, Livingstone who did set their voyages for the discovery of the East and Central Africa.  With the historical background, the town is of the Chinese, Hindus, Egyptians, and Arabians who sailed via the Mansoon wind. The stone town got its name from the old made buildings which are made by corals which are hundreds of years old but still standing strong to date.


Hence the Town is under the protection of UNESCO as the World Heritage Site under the category of Historical Heritage Site. You will find different people from all around the world who have left the imprint of the architecture and culture of the Island. The Island is the Swahili Culture’s birthplace with architecture. Being in the stone town you can see the House of Wonders, Tip Tip’s House (a Notorious slave merchant), the old Arab Fort, and the Palace Museum, which brought back the history of the country.