Mafia Island activity

Mafia Island

Mafia Island is the most culturally original and environmentally natural of Tanzania’s Indian Ocean islands, visited by the few who know its charms and desire a special adventure. The key aspect of being a tourist in Mafia is that everything is so accessible and at a reasonable cost. It offers the complete island experience from intense activity to complete laid-back, feet-up bliss. It’s therefore not surprising we get so many honeymooners to our hotels and lodges.

And the Mafia is not a “tourist hotspot”. Still little known to travel agents and tour operators and travellers worldwide, it receives fewer than seven thousand people a year staying an average of nearly five nights. Mafia attracts those who have a wish to get away from the crowds and explore something new and experience nature and local culture that has not been disturbed by urban or industrial development and mass tourism. Zanzibar has the name but the Mafia has the treasures, which is why we think you will enjoy its hospitality, no hustle, no hassle, just old-fashioned Island Life.

Mafia Island

While Mafia is a water paradise we like to point out its many other attractions and interests: its people and their lives, history and archaeology (there is a thousand years of history here), unique marine and bird life, plants, and all the many beaches and sand banks, mangrove forest inlets, coral islets that make it so beautiful.

Because of the diversity of this destination and professionalism being our core value and interest, we encourage our precious travelers to design their trip by choosing the activities that they would like to enjoy here and we can plan that for you. There are vast number of activities that one can enjoy such as swimming in the white sand beaches and enjoying the breezy, snorkeling and diving and many of the marine activities.