Udizungwa Mountains activity

Udizungwa Mountains National Park

The park covers an area of 1990km2 where geographically, 20% of the total area lies in the Morogoro region while the remaining 80% being in the southern highland region of the Iringa region.

Best time to visit the park, dry season (June – September) and wet season (November – March) when wildflowers are flourishing and plentiful of butterflies. For bird watchers, December – February is their best time as most migratory birds are nesting in the park.

Udizungwa Mountains National Park

The park has various tourism activities that visitors can do during their stay. These activities include; Mountain Climbing to the highest Peaks of Mwanihana (2500m amsl) and Luhomero (2576m amsl), Bird Watching, Swimming, Nature Walks on the Forest and Waterfalls, Picnicking, Filming, Cycling (Organized by the Park and carried outside the Park), Camping and Cultural Tourism.

Because of the diversity of this destination and professionalism being our core value and interest, we encourage our precious travelers to design their trip by choosing the activities that they would like to enjoy here and we can plan that for you.