Saanane Island National Park

Saanane is completely unique. Firstly, it is the only National Park in Africa that is within city limits. The wildlife there includes impala, zebra, wildebeest, klipspringer, hyrax, vervet monkeys, dik-dik, otters, crocodiles, and is a mixture of indigenous and introduced species. They run wild, and yet are calm and unafraid of people. The habitat is of granite boulders, grassy areas, thorny thickets,s, and woodland. There are several reed beds and large trees around the island’s shores.



  1. Walking the trails, and enjoying the wildlife on the way.
  2. Bird watching.
  3. Boat tours.
  4. Fishing around the islands (catch and release). The Park HQ have fishing rods for hire.
  5. Camping on the island. The Park HQ have small tents for hire.
  6. Special events can be arranged on the island.