Tour overview

A scenery Kilimanjaro route as per climbers says with a very good history of the success summit as most of the climbers’ have a good record of the summit. Climbing the Kilimanjaro via the Lemosho route, climbers will be approaching the Uhuru peak from the west of the mountain walking through Shira plateau, his has made the route to also be named as Lemosho Shira route. Our scenery climbing via Lemosho route will starts from Londosori gate Hiking to Mti Mkubwa camp, then to Shira camp, Shira hut to Baranco, Karanga, Barafu then summit and descend back via Mweka route to Mweka camp then Mweka gate and back to Moshi.


Category 1pax 2pax 3pax 4pax 5pax 6pax
Camping/ Hut 2190 2036 1878 1799 1752 1720
Standard Package
Luxury Package


  • Price category are based on the type of accommodation before and after climb (in Moshi town), number of groups, and amenities during the climb.
  • Accommodation during the climb is strictly camping in tents and hotels or lodges before and after the climb.
  • A group price of 7 pax and more will receive the package cost on request.


  • Pick up and drop off at Kilimanjaro airport to Moshi town
  • Two-night accommodation in Moshi town (before and after Climb)
  • Park fees, camping fees, rescue fees and 18% VAT
  • Transportation to and from Marangu gate (before and after climb)
  • Professional mountain guides, chefs and porters with their legal approved wages
  • 3 meals daily with filtered water throughout the climb

Not Included

  • Tanzania visa cost based on nationality
  • Items of a personal nature such as personal shopping
  • Medical insurance, doctor for a group, personal medicine and laundry services
  • Tips and gratitude for the mountain crew (though can be communicated)
  • Items of personal natures such as the Mountain climbing equipment

Day 1: Londosori gate to Mti Mkubwa camp

Walking habitat: Dense misty rainforest
Elevation: 7,800ft (Londosori gate) to 9,500ft (Mti Mkubwa camp)
Hiking time:2 to 3hrs Londosori Gate to Mti Mkubwa camp
Distance:6km (Londosori gate to Mti Mkubwa camp)

Other than the rest of being on the west of the Kilimanjaro, you will have a bit of a long drive from Moshi town to Londosori gate that will take a maximum of 4hrs drive, hence your day will have to start a bit early to leave your hotel in Moshi. Having this long drive, reaching at the gate you will have to complete the formalities then have a short hike to Mti Mkubwa camp.

Day 2: Mti Mkubwa camp to Shira camp 1

Walking habitat: Moorland and valleys
Elevation: 9,500ft (Mti Mkubwa camp) to 11,500ft (Shira camp 1)
Hiking time: 5 to 6hrs Mti Mkubwa camp to Shira camp 1
Distance:8km (Mti Mkubwa Camp to Shira camp 1)

Your day will begin with your Morning breakfast at Mti Mkubwa camp, then leaving the camp for your polepole hike from your camp to your next camp of Shira Camp. Your day will be kind adventurous as there are some steepness. Your hike will expose you to an amazing view of the Kibo peak of the Kilimanjaro where your summit point is. May be with this view will make you forget the adventure until reaching at Shira Camp for your evening stay, dinner and overnight.

Day 3: Shira Camp 1 to Shira 2

Walking habitat: Moorland
Elevation: 11,500ft (Shira Camp 1) to 13,800ft (Shira 2)
Hiking time:5 to 7hrs Shira camp 1 to Shira 2
Distance: 14km (Shira camp 1 to Shira 2)

The day will be of the hike giving an explore to the Shira Plateau (the highest plateau in the World) walking in the moorland pasture heading to Shira 2. From here you will be having an acclimatization hike to the Moir Hut which is little used situated on the base of the Lent Hills. Then you will have several walks at the Lent hills filling the altitude gape (Acclimatization Walk). Then have your evening stay and overnight ate the cam for your next adventure.

Day 4: Moir hut through lover tower to Baranco camp

Walking habitat: Semi Desert
Elevation: 13,800ft (Moir Hut) to 15,213ft (Lava Tower) to 13,000ft (Baranco Camp)
Hiking time: 4 to 6hrs Moir Hut to Baranco Camp via Lava Tower
Distance: 7km (Moir Hut to Baranco Camp via Lava tower)

After your breakfast from the camp, you will continue the trek from the plateau, you will be trekking up to the ridge toward your goal of the Kibo peak. From here you will the change your direction from east to the south east toward the Lover tower which is also call A Shark tooth you will the hake a trek up to the arrow glacier of 16,000ft altitude. From here you will then take a trek down to the Baranco Camp. Having change in altitude from low to higher then come back to low altitude is a crucial activity and a day for your acclimatization that will make you adopt with the climate change where you are heading up. At Baranco camp, you will then have your dinner and overnight stay for your looking forward your next day adventure.

Day 5: Baranco camp to Karanga camp

Walking habitat: Alpine desert
Elevation: 13,000ft (Baranco camp) to 13,100ft (Karanga Camp)
Hiking time:4 to 5hrs Machame camp to Shira camp
Distance: 5km (Baranco to Karanga Camps)

A well-known adventure day for most of the Climbers via Machame route. This is the day where you will use both hands and legs to cross the Baranco wall. As you will be more close, you will then enjoy an amazing view of the Kibo peak where you are heading for your summit. Reaching the Karanga camp from is of a short distance but because of it being adventurous day via the Baranco wall it takes some extra time to cross the Baranco wall.

Day 6: Karanga camp to Barafu camp

Walking habitat: Alpine desert
Elevation: 13,100ft (Karanga camp) to 15,300ft (Barafu Camp)
Hiking time:4 to 5hrs Karanga camp to Barafu camp
Distance:4km (Machame to Shira Camps)

The hike will be with a beautiful view of Kibo and Mawenzi peaks. Your hike will begin after your breakfast from the camp and heat the trail crossing the Mweka-Machame Junction up on reaching the Barafu Camp. Reaching Barafu camp, you would have a complete venture of the Kilimanjaro Mountain on its northern circuit. The day should end early with an early dinner ready for short sleep as your next day hike starts almost in the midnight to the Uhuru Peak.

Day 7: Barafu Camp to Uhuru Peak to Mweka Camp

Walking habitat: Alpine desert
Distance: 8km (Barafu to Uhuru) and 13km (Uhuru to Mweka)
Hiking time:6 to 8hrs Barafu camp Uhuru peak and 5 to 6hrs Uhuru peak to Mweka camp Elevation: 15,300ft (Barafu camp) to 19,314ft (Uhuru Peak) and 10,065ft to (Mweka camp)

Your Hike will start at around midnight take your polepole step by step approaching the Uhuru peak, it is a difficult hike, however with a polepole walk. On this day you adventure will be with your mountain guide as you will be leaving the potters at the camp ad them will be descending down to Mweka camp. As it will be a midnight adventure, it is where you mostly need your head-lam. The hike will be with some short breaks up to the Gilman’s point and take some steps where you will be surprised being exactly at the highest point in Africa, this is nowhere else than the Uhuru Peak of the Kilimanjaro Mountain. Due to extreme weather you will just spent some minutes taking some memorable shots at the peak and then starts trekking down up Barafu camp and take your lunch and then continue the descending down to Mweka camp, for your dinner and overnight stay.

Day 8: Mweka camp to Mweka gate to back to Moshi town

Walking habitat: Rain forest
Elevation: 10,150ft (Mweka camp) to 5,500ft (Mweka Camp)
Hiking time:3 to 4hrs Mweka camp to Mweka Gate
Distance:10km (Mweka camp to the gate)

The day will start with your breakfast (Per your interest) at Mweka camp, and then finalize your descending trek tow to Mweka gate. At the gate you will collect you award winning adventure certificate of reaching the highest peak in Africa “The roof of Africa” and being in the list of the adventure winners of the Kilimanjaro Mountain. Thereafter, you will meet a Serengeti Wonders driver who will pick you from Mweka gate to Moshi town for your next plan.