Tour overview

The ride will be of taking you to the Chagga village at the slope of the Kilimanjaro Mountain to a called Materuni of at 1,800m above the sea level. This Chagga’s tribe homeland is in the lush rainforest region popular for the production of the best coffee in East Africa.

Your ride will stop for the coffee tour walking through the coffee farm getting to know the coffee from plantation, raw coffee to the coffee in the cup where you will play part in making coffee from the raw coffee seeds. While enjoying the coffee making, you will get to know better the history of the Chagga tribe.

After a warm-up with a coffee cup, you will then head to the waterfall for cooling the warm through a cold fresh shower, swimming in the scenery falling water down from the Kilimanjaro Mountain, and this is at the Materuni waterfalls. After a cold shower you will then take your ride back to Moshi town.

Materuni cycling tour